Chicago committee against militarism

CPS Should Provide Quality Education, Not Recruits For The Military: The Chicago Public School system is the country’s most militarized, with forty-five high school JROTC programs, six full-blown high school Military Academies and even one Middle School Cadet program. By recent count, 7,818 CPS high school students (almost 7.5% of total enrollees) are now JROTC Cadets. Every year, military leaders admit to Congress that JROTC is their most effective recruiting device, and military recruiters have wide access to CPS and both JROTC and non- JROTC students. CHI-CAM thinks CPS should provide superior education, but not fresh recruits for the military.

Military recruiting in public schools

CPS Fails To Fully Protect Student Privacy: Federal Law requires schools to turn over high schoolers’ contact information to military recruiters, unless parents or students (if eighteen years old) opt out in writing. CPS has an opt-out form, but it is buried in the CPS website, and promoting the form is left up to individual schools. As a result, most families have no idea that they can opt out.

CHI-CAM Aims To Disrupt Military Recruiting By Protecting Student Privacy: To make opting out easier and available to more families, CHI-CAM will visit selected CPS high schools during the first report card pickup (sometime in November) to pass out, collect, and submit Opt-Out forms by the December 1 deadline.

And CHI-CAM Needs Your Help: The more of you who can help distribute Opt-Out forms, the more we can impede military recruiting and promote student privacy in CPS.

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